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PROMIS is a project sponsored by Tempus Program.
Project number: 544319-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-FR-TEMPUS-JPCR

It is a continuation of ERAMIS project. More information on ERAMIS available here.

PROMIS stands for PROfessional network of Master’s degrees in Informatics as a Second Competence.

Project duration: December 2013 – June 2017.

Project’s main Goals:

  • Extension of ERAMIS network in Central Asia
  • Improvement of the academic quality of the network
  • Improvement of the vocational focus of the master degrees in computer sciences in different ways
  • Establishment of strong relationships between companies and universities
  • Adapting teaching process to the students working in parallel of the studies
  • Improvement of the network by sharing courses and pedagogic material

The project is performed by:

  • 5 unversities from Europe;
  • 9 universities from Central Asia;
  • 3 enterprises Europe;

Complete list of partners can be found here.

Presenatation bellow gives more information about the project.